14th Sept 2013 – Produce and Flower Show

Believed to start in 1920, Ley Hill’s popular annual show is almost upon us again and this year it falls on Saturday 14th September.

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The advert shown on this page dates from 1926, but the local press have records tracing the show back to 1920.  If you have any snippets of information or photographs that you’d be happy to share with the world, please do get in touch with us at editor@leyhill.info.

From the Bucks Examiner, July 1920:  The WI held a “successful Flower Show and Fete at White Hill House (permission of Lady Truman) on Thursday 22 July 1920″.


Ley Hill Flower Show and Fete at Bayman Manor (permission of Miss Warrender) on Thursday, 21 July 1921

Ley Hill Garden Fete at Little Grove Priory on 13 July 1922 (lent by Mrs Harman)

Ley Hill Flower Show (opened by Sir Alan Burgoyne MP) July 1925

Ley Hill Flower Show at Botley House on 24 July 1926 (as per the  advert)

Flower & vegetable show organised by Ley Hill W.I. at Whitehill House August 1927

Flower Show & fete, at grounds of Botley House, in aid of War Memorial Institute July 1928

Ley Hill Flower Show at the Institute on 27 July 1929

Ley Hill Flower Show & Fete on 26 July 1930

Ley Hill Flower Show & Fete on 25 July 1931

Ley Hill Flower Show & Fete at Botley House July 1932

Flower Show/Fete at Ley Hill Institute on 22 July 1933

Flower Show at Botley House on 14 July 1934 (by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Murdoch)

Ley Hill Flower Show – July 1936

Ley Hill Flower Show – July 1937

Ley Hill Flower Show at the Institute on 23 July 1938. (opened by Miss A Warrender OBE)

Ley Hill Flower Show, opened by Lady Chesham July 1939.

And so on …

From another local resident:  “The old school house on the far side of the common was effectively the village hall for years before the Memorial Hall was built and the Parish Council met there from their inception in 1899. I took these notes from the minute books when I read them for the History Zone project. “Flower Shows” are mentioned from the start of the Hall minutes as big village events, they hired tents and the Chesham Band came to play, side shows, clock golf, hoop-la, penny on the plate, tug-o-war, coconut shy’s (200 nuts ordered in 1925!) are all mentioned from the start.

They were held at Botley House around this time, one in 1925 recorded a profit of £80. This type of activity was used to raise money for the building of the first hall. I suspect then that the “Flower and produce show” morphed out from such events but I don’t know we could pick up an actual date. 1938 Mrs Locke of Kinta House, Botley presented the Kinta Cup for most points in classes 1-14.

No shows were held during the war they resumed in 1947 with discussions over what stalls and entry classes & fees they would schedule.

Oct 1954 Miss A Catling presents a cup for the Flower Show.

In 1960 300 handbills for the Flower Show were produced. I noticed that in 1961 Chesvale dog training did a demonstration at the Flower Show that year! So we can see that the flower shows of 50 years ago were in fact Ley Hill fetes.

In 1975 Mr Percival suggested that a news sheet be distributed around the village (presumably the birth of News and Views).”

In addition to all these records from the Hall minutes, the village school log books record days when the school was closed for the occasion of the village show.