Asbestos Landfill Petition – Have You Signed?

In protest against the variation of permit which has been granted to Michelmersh Brick Holdings plc, local people are campaigning to have the County Council reassess the suitability of the site.

You can read more on the Facebook page at

The parish council response to the petition is available to view at

You can leave comments there, or you can leave your comments here, on a privately owned and operated website. Names/pseudonyms will be published with your comments, email addresses will not.

Please feel free to download and print the second page of the petition document in order to have your say.  Current drop off locations include the Hen & Chickens, the Crown and 3 Linington Avenue.  The commercial venues also have a supply of slips if you are unable to print at home.  You can also pick them up from The Drawing Room and Blue Haze in town.

Download (PDF, 132KB)