Meadhams Farm

Asbestos landfill. To report breaches of the Environmental Permit, pollution of the environment or harm to human health, please call

0800 80 70 60

This Environment Agency Incident Help Line is open all hours of the day throughout the year.

Asbestos Landfill Update

998 signed slips returned !

Approximately 2000 leaflets were delivered to local homes and some blank slips were available in local pubs etc. We had an unbelievable response. We’re very happy to keep accepting signed slips even though the first deadline has passed…

Neighbour Alert – Thefts Reported

Not the Neighbourhood Watch, though there may be some residents signed up, but just a notification from your neighbours that there are opportunist thieves operating in the village at the moment. We have received notice that tools were stolen from a van at a premises on Botley Road during the …