Bicycle Theft – How to Protect and Recover Your Property

Media statistics (for 2011) show that there are 533,000 bikes stolen in the UK every year.

The British bicycle industry has experienced a renaissance in recent years meaning that the consumer value of the UK market for bicycles is around £2.5bn. The average price paid for an adult’s bicycle exceeds £300. Yet many get stolen and not reported as such.

Some stolen bikes get sold on but others get ridden from A to B and then discarded, are subsequently found by members of the public and handed in to police.

There are presently a few recovered bicycles at Iver Police Station, so if you have had yours stolen locally recently and have not told the police then you need to do so.

Things to do in case yours gets stolen.

• Make a note of the frame number and keep it somewhere safe.

• There are many web sites where you can register your bike in case it is stolen.

Prevention. – These are steps you can take to prevent becoming a victim of bike theft.

• Postcode mark your bike in multiple places.

• Always lock your bike even if you are leaving it for a short period or if it’s in a shed.

• Leave it in as public a place as possible. Ideally lock it where you can see it – or where lots of other people can.

• Use more than one lock. The more different kinds that you use the harder it is to steal.

• Invest in good locks. No lock is 100% theft proof but the cheaper ones are generally easier to compromise.

• Lock it to something solid other than the bike itself, such as a tree, railings, sign post or similar.

• If you’re locking it to a post, make sure the post is at least 4m high, so thieves can’t lift it off the top.

• Remember to remove accessories like the lights.

What to do if your bike is stolen

• Report the theft to the police as soon as possible by calling 101.

• Check local pawn shops and second hand shops.

• If you don’t already have one, sign up for an eBay account and get alerts from them. This will provide you with automatic daily emails for any new bikes posted for sale that match your make / model.

• Get similar alerts from Gumtree. Many used bikes get sold on Gumtree.

• If you find your bike for sale anywhere call 101 straight away and tell police.

• Let your insurance company know.

• Let friends and family know to keep an eye out for it. It could still be in the local area.