Bucks CC Plan an Estimated 8-12hrs Increase on School Commute

Local people are calling on the council to reconsider the planned changes to the bus routes for Dr Challoners High and Dr Challoners Grammar schools.  The Council’s plan involves replacing the current separate routes with joint services using double decker buses, which will dramatically increase the journey times, possibly by as much as 8-12 hours a week.

This proposal will have a very negative impact on the quality of life of the pupils. The bus journey time will significantly increase each day as each service would drop students off in the mornings at DCHS and then proceed to DCGS. In the afternoon, the buses would depart from DCHS and then pick up from DCGS.

Inevitably, the planned changes will result in many parents being forced to pick up their children from school to attend external activities/commitments which will result in greater traffic on our already busy roads, not to mention the logistical nightmare which will be encountered when all these double decker buses and numerous parents arrive and leave the tiny school entrance at the same time.

If you object to these plans, please take a minute to click here and sign the e-petition on the Bucks County Council website.