Burglaries on the Rise

Burglaries and shed break-ins are up over the last few weeks, with 5 known incidents in the immediate area.  Please take care to secure your property and report any suspicious activity.

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  1. Barb

    A young man from the RSPCA was in the area mid afternoon on Monday calling at doors asking for donations of £1.50 per month for the RSPCA by filling out personal details and a direct debit form ?

    • SallyK

      Hi, thanks for leaving a comment! I’ve checked the RSPCA website and they don’t have door to door collectors scheduled for this area this week or last, so have emailed them. Once I hear back I’ll leave an update and notify TVP if needs be. Well done!!

      • SallyK

        We have a definitive answer from the RSPCA Supporter Care department; the collectors weren’t supposed to be working in HP5 this week, but they were genuine.

        08/05/13: “We employ an agency called APPCO to recruit fundraisers to support our fundraising campaign. We do have Door to Door fundraisers in the HP5 postcode areas this week. The fundraisers should be wearing blue tabbards with the RSPCA logo, carry photo ID cards and a letter of introduction from the RSPCA Head of Fundraising. They are asking people if they would like to support the RSPCA’s work by agreeing to a monthly direct debit. They do not collect cash or credit/debit card donations.”

        09/05/13: “I have spoken with APPCO regarding the territory plan they issued to us for the week ending 12/05/2013. They have apologised for the mix up. The fundraisers were not meant to be in the Chiltern area this week and they have been told to leave the area. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

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