Burglary – Everyone’s Dread

April 2013.  Since the start of 2013 burglary in Ley Hill has increased, the police have made an arrest and this may well put an end to the matter but it is always worth taking extra precautions; here are a few things to consider. This is not a expert guide, more info is available from www.chiltern.gov.uk/crimereduction


This is your essential back-up, but will it pay out and will it be sufficient? Whilst you must make lots of considerations when buying your home insurance there are two things that are easily got wrong.

1) Is your contents cover sufficient? A standard policy often has only £50,000 of cover. This is the current replacement cost of your entire contents. If you suffer a loss and the assessor believes your contents are worth far more than the sum insured, he/she will more than likely reduce the amount of your claim by the percentage you are under insured.

2) Have you made statements on your policy application about the locks at your home which are incorrect? It is easy to say you have a BS3621/1997 lock on your front door when in fact you have a BS3621/1980 one. Be careful the insurance company may look for ways not to pay!

Security precautions to take that cost next to nothing

  • Make sure gates to your back garden are locked.
  • Make sure sheds & garages are locked, they contain tools a burglar could use to break in or just things to steal.
  • Where possible mark your possessions with a UV marker pen, available free from the police.
  • Take photographs of your possessions.
  • Lock your doors and windows properly. The above mentioned front door lock can be locked inside as you leave home to stop anyone breaking the glass and reaching in to turn the latch.
  • Close curtains and leave lights to come on with a timer when you are out a night.
  • Don’t leave keys lying around at home. They give thieves an easy exit and the possibility of stealing a car or opening outbuildings.
  • Don’t have your jewellery in an obvious place.

Better, more costly security precautions

  • Fit a burglar alarm – home fit kits are available starting around a hundred pounds. But NACOSS approved and installed alarms that will command a discount on your insurance will be considerably more. Be warned about signing contracts for ongoing services unless you fully appreciate your commitments.
  • Fit security lights with movement detectors.
  • Fit CCTV

Remember this

  • If someone knocks on your door and they seem to have a lame reason for doing so, they may be calling on lots of people to see who is out. Ask for ID and never leave anyone unattended.  Shut the door whilst you check them out.
  • If you see anyone suspicious take a note of them and any vehicle they have and report it to the police on 101. If they are in yours or a neighbour’s grounds call 999.
  • Most thieves only stay in the property a very short time so the harder you make it for them to find anything the more likely you are too lose less.
  • The most common things stolen are small so the thief doesn’t look suspicious walking away.
  • Burglaries do not only happen at night, a lot happen in broad daylight.