The Future of The Swan

There is little that is more iconic in Buckinghamshire than the swan.  Incorporated into the county arms and close to our hearts here in Ley Hill as the label for one of our village pubs. Sadly in decline in recent years as the current landlords head into a well deserved …

Cowcroft Wood – An Opportunity to Buy & Protect

20 acres of Cowcroft Wood has been owned for many years by a property development company. This comprises the majority of the wooded area between Kiln Lane and the houses on Botley Road. Although not yet on the market the company has indicated a willingness to sell this area for a total price of about £100,000.


There has been another article in the Bucks Examiner about the “LOCAL PLAN” this week and the petition against the proposals, started by a local group in the directly affected area, was mentioned.

Asbestos Landfill Update

998 signed slips returned !

Approximately 2000 leaflets were delivered to local homes and some blank slips were available in local pubs etc. We had an unbelievable response. We’re very happy to keep accepting signed slips even though the first deadline has passed…