Cowcroft Wood – An Opportunity to Buy & Protect

20 acres of Cowcroft Wood has been owned for many years by a property development company. This comprises the majority of the wooded area between Kiln Lane and the houses on Botley Road. Although not yet on the market the company has indicated a willingness to sell this area for a total price of about £100,000.

I am keen that this part of the wood should be owned for the benefit of the community so that it can continue to enjoy the free access that it has had for many years and which could possibly be compromised by a change of owner.

I have not as yet resolved as to whether any future ownership would be through a newly established charity or some other structure but I would welcome establishing the level of support in the community and specifically whether you would be prepared to contribute to the purchase cost.

I would welcome hearing from you in the strictest confidence.

David Silverstone, Grooms Farm, Botley Road HP5 1XY, Tel :01494 778772


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