Forum Policy rules

These are the rules of engagement that we expect to be adhered to by everyone in the community.  In summary – play nicely and keep it clean and suitable for all.  If in doubt, anything you post here should be acceptable reading for your six year old daughter or niece.  Or maybe your Mum when she was six.  End of lecture, looking forward to hearing from you!!

1. Forum rules

  1. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be invited to leave the group
  2. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming, trolling or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and may lead to your account being closed.
  3. If members note an issue which contravenes something in this policy document they are welcome to bring it to the attention of a Moderator. Please use the “post report” feature to report posts. Do not respond to such topics yourself.
  4. Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and may lead to your account being closed
  5. Infringement of copyright of other users’, sites, media, etc., or users requesting help with breaching copyright controls may lead to account suspension.
  6. Members should post in a way which is consistent with “normal writing”. That is users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Similarly users should not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts. Users consistently abusing this may face suspension.
  7. Please do not post external links on the forum.  We are always happy to host links on our main site to partners, local businesses and not-for-profit groups.  We offer reasonable rates for advertising if required, and we do not encourage publication of personal email addresses or telephone numbers.
  8. The moderators reserve the right to edit, remove or put on moderation, any user at any time.  The definition of unsuitable content is at the discretion of the moderators and any decision is final.
  9. We do not currently support private messaging on our forum.

2. Avatars

  1. Users are welcome to upload Avatars between 60 and 120 pixels square.  They should be appropriate for viewing by all.

3. Service Availability and Accountability

  1. leyhill,info is owned and operated by 11December IT Services.
  2. 11December IT Services is a registered data controller and for the purposes of the Data Protection Act, our service provider is Entanet Ltd.
  3. For as long as the project is deemed viable by the steering committee, 11December IT Services will maintain all reasonable security controls and supervise moderation and editing of the content of and the associated forum.

4. Enforcement

  1. operates a three strike policy. Users will be warned a maximum of three times for any and all offences.
  2. Re-registration on the same email address will be refused.