How Secure is Your House This Summer?

There has been another break in in Botley Road.  The front door was forced open with a crowbar and although large, expensive items were untouched, the unwelcome guest went through numerous drawers and cupboards, presumably in the search for jewellery and cash.

** Update, Tuesday 6th August.  A second property on Botley Road has been burgled. **

A local resident has reported that police have told them the local man apprehended after the last spate of burglaries has since been released.  These latest break ins could be entirely unconnected, but if you have seen or heard anything suspicious, even if you recognised the person involved, please call the police on 101.  If you suspect a crime is in progress on your property or someone else’s, call 999.

In the meantime, please take extra precautions when leaving your property empty.  Here’s a link to a really handy article written by another resident (submitted in April of this year), which goes through some of the steps you can take that will deter many of the opportunists out there:

Burglary – Everyone’s Dread