There has been another article in the Bucks Examiner about the “LOCAL PLAN” this week and the petition against the proposals, started by a local group in the directly affected area, was mentioned.

In it a Council Spokesperson is quoted as saying that “A petition will be treated the same as an individual response”.

The people who started that petition are now concerned that even though they might have many names on such a petition, it will only count as ONE response.

Accordingly they are urging people to send in individual responses so as to ensure the council can properly measure the strength of feeling of local people.

Should you feel you need to make a response go to this link:  http://www.chiltern.gov.uk/planning/localplan2014-2036, where details of the plan itself – and the means for you to respond – are given.

Just to recap, in their new “LOCAL PLAN” The Chiltern District Council proposes to remove Green Belt protection from the land bordered by Nashleigh Hill, Lycrome Road and Lye Green Road and build 900 homes.

The consultation period for that plan finishes on 12th December, so there are only a few days left.

If you are interested the action group has a website at www.brownnotgreen.weebly.com