New Recycling and Refuse Collection

Readers of News and Views may have noticed already the new lorries collecting our refuse and recycling each week.  This is a new service provided by Chiltern district council jointly with Wycombe.  The joint service will provide economies of scale to the benefit of both district councils and is one of the ways in which the council has acted to save money (in this case £1.2m annually across the two councils) to mitigate the effects of reduced funding from central government.

An important part of the new service is to increase recycling rates, thereby reducing the amount of waste going to landfill – which is expensive as well as being bad for the environment.  In particular, tins and plastic will be recycled in addition to the existing glass and paper collection service.

As a result of the improved household recycling service it should also be possible to remove the large recycling bins that currently sit outside Ley Hill School, which I hope many will find a welcome change.

After Easter there will be “roadshows” as well as leaflets through letterboxes to ensure that residents’ concerns and questions about the new service are addressed.  I have asked for a roadshow to visit the village to allow everyone the chance to put questions directly and I hope that details will follow in due course.  The roadshows and leaflets will provide details of what will be collected and when and the new bins and boxes (not too many!) that will be provided.

During May and June the new waste collectors, Serco, will be assessing all collection routes and providing appropriate bins and boxes before implementing the new service in full in July.  This should mean that consideration is made for homes without suitable outside storage space for wheeled bins – in these cases black and blue bags will be provided for waste and recycling.

Wycombe will not begin receiving the new service until the Autumn, meaning that there should be ample effort made over the Summer to put in place our new collection and recycling service in Chiltern.  Anyone who has previously made telephone enquiries to the district council concerning their refuse collection will be pleased to know that the recommendation of a working group in which I took part last year was to retain Chiltern’s manned enquiry line and not to switch to Wycombe’s automated service.

If after Easter anyone has concerns or experiences problems with the new service that the council is unable to address satisfactorily, please get in touch with me.

Andrew Garth  District Councillor