New Information on Meadhams Farm Proposals Issued by Michelmersh

In response to local concerns about the volume of HGV traffic which will be passing through the village, Michelmersh have issued a document to illustrate the likely outcome.

Irrespective of which wastes will be used to restore the site, the planning permission limits the filling rate to 5,000 m3 of waste per month. However, different waste types are carried in different sized loads. It is typical for inert wastes from construction and demolition sites to arrive in 20 tonne loads as the waste is relatively dense.

Ley Hill & Botley News & Views, Spring/Summer 2015

We would like to welcome all who have moved into Ley Hill or Botley and hope this Newsletter proves useful in providing details of what is going on in this locality.

The date of the Produce and Flower Show this year is Saturday 12th September. Although full details and entry schedules will be available in the Summer edition of N. & V. which comes out in July, it is not too early to think about taking photos (see page 13) or to decide what to plant in gardens and greenhouses as possible prize-winning entries. To quote a lottery slogan “You gotta be in it to win it!”.

Now winter is behind us we look forward to all the events in and around the area and hope you will continue your support for them.

We wish you all a Happy Easter Ed.

Copy for the next edition should reach us by 3rd July 2015

Rogue Gardening Company to Avoid

Hertfordshire Trading Standards warns of a rogue gardening company which has been dropping cards through doors over the last few weeks and then carrying out terrible work.

The company is called Green Thumb Gardening Services of Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, using a 01442 telephone number. The address in Mark Road is a false one and payment has all been made in cash.

They should NOT to be confused with GREEN THUMB LAWN SERVICES which is a reputable Nationwide company.

Turning on the Waterworks

It’s great to see the water companies responding quickly to a leak, but it looks like it may be a good day to avoid Jasons Hill if you’re on the school run today. Hopefully it won’t be too much of an issue, as the lights seemed to be on manual …

The Question of Traffic

Some concerns have been raised about the volume of traffic that is likely to service the proposed landfill site.  The current planning permission allows for a maximum landfill of 5,000m3 per calendar month and a limit to the vehicle size of 32 tonnes maximum gross weight. 32 tonnes MGW is …

The Ultimate Solution

Waste gasification.  Superheating asbestos with a plasma gun – similar to the process that naturally occurs in lightning. The same technology is being trialed around the world to release energy from other, more mundane forms of landfill in the name of energy generation. The target material is superheated to temperatures up …

Asbestos and Cancer, the Risks

According to the Health and Safety Executive, asbestos is classed as a category 1 carcinogen (Source, HSE website: Cancer risks are clearly established and currently, 5000 people per year die from exposure to asbestos.  2,538 mesothelioma sufferers died in 2013.  The estimated number of other lung cancers due to …

Michelmersh Holdings

In 2010, Michelmersh Holdings applied for an extension to their permission for mineral extraction.  They asserted that the remaining reserves would allow for a further 25 years of extraction, not including the area under the site buildings.  Despite the associated noise, dust and heavy traffic that this would bring the …

Stowey Quarry, Somerset

Case Study, Rural Asbestos Landfill Proposal Stowey Quarry in Somerset was granted a licence to accept Stable Non-Reactive Hazardous Waste (SNRHW) in June 2011.  The local action group challenged this and the decision was reversed in September 2011. The appellant amended the list of materials to be accepted and appealed …

What Can I Do?

Your chance to comment on the proposals If you have a reason why you or other members of your community would be impacted by an asbestos landfill in Ley Hill, you can find out how to comment on the Environment Agency website using the link below.  Email and postal addresses …