Planning Application Submitted for the site of the old Scout Hut

Notice has been received of a proposal to build nine new dwellings and to relocate the old Scout hut to a new position at the site behind Botley Road.

The site was sold by the previous owners, Cape plc, in December 2004, and the new owners evicted the 1st Tylers Hill Scout Group.  The Beavers and Cubs now meet in the Memorial Hall, and the Scouts meet in the primary school.

In the 1970s the site was used for landfill, with blue asbestos being buried in an old clay pit near the site entrance, underneath where the old Scout huts stand.  White asbestos was also dumped in the area of trees to the right of the entrance.  In February there were reports on the logging activity that had taken place there and the intervention of the District Council and Police.  Abatement orders were issued to prevent further disturbance of the asbestos and loss of trees to the environment.

We understand that the Scout Group has not been consulted on this proposal.

The developers have been contacted for comment and any response will be posted here in due course.

You can read the full application on the Chiltern District Council website by following this link:

Comments on the application should be submitted by Thursday 8th September.