Reports of Vandalism at the Meadhams Farm Site

There have been reports of vandalism and antisocial behaviour at the Meadhams Farm brickworks.  Local dog walkers have voiced their concern over damage to fencing and the presence of a number of nails and screws on the access road.

On Friday 16th October, Latimer & Ley Hill Parish Council issued a statement regarding the actions:

“The Parish Council has been informed that there have been incidents of vandalism/anti-social behaviour at the Meadhams Farm site.  We understand that signs and fences have been moved and/or broken.  The Parish Council is concerned that these actions are putting the public at risk.  Recently a large number of nails and screws have been found on the track leading to the site, causing damage to vehicles.  If any residents notice anything unusual happening on the site please report it to the police on 101 straight away.”

If you see any evidence of further activity, please do inform the police, but also consider posting here.  If we work as a community it may be possible to pin down the times and dates when these acts are being carried out and hopefully deter any further action.  Whatever their opinion on the recent developments, I find it hard to imagine who in our village would condone vandalism.

The information to date is that Michelmersh and their security firm found that screws and nails were in the puddles on the access road in the week leading up to Saturday 10th October, resulting in a total of six punctured tyres.

The first report came from a local resident and dog walker on 13th October, who also commented that some of the fencing had been cut.

Local residents scanned the track that day and were also able to comment on what they had seen the day before – that there was no evidence of nails and screws, but that some of the fencing had been cut and some of the posts removed, possibly for use elsewhere on the site, or in preparation for an upgrade.  The fencing wire had been coiled and left in situ.

The track was checked again on the 14th and was clear then.