Stowey Quarry, Somerset

Case Study, Rural Asbestos Landfill Proposal

Stowey Quarry in Somerset was granted a licence to accept Stable Non-Reactive Hazardous Waste (SNRHW) in June 2011.  The local action group challenged this and the decision was reversed in September 2011.

The appellant amended the list of materials to be accepted and appealed the decision in September 2013, removing the other hazardous materials from the list in an attempt to safeguard the nearby nearby Chew Valley Lake which provides drinking water for the Bristol area.  This brought the application into line with the current proposal for Meadhams Farm Brickworks.

The appeal was quashed 2 months later.

From the Stowey Sutton Action Group Website (

“The Inspector made his decision to dismiss the appeal on 25 November 2013 on three grounds. Firstly, that the proposal would cause harm to the character and the appearance of the area, and would conflict with existing policies; secondly, that the risk to the groundwater and thus to Chew Valley Lake of a failure either in the liner or the waste acceptance procedures at the site would be significant; thirdly that the fear of asbestos fibres escaping into the air and water would have an adverse effect on the living conditions of the local community.”