The Question of Traffic

Some concerns have been raised about the volume of traffic that is likely to service the proposed landfill site.  The current planning permission allows for a maximum landfill of 5,000m3 per calendar month and a limit to the vehicle size of 32 tonnes maximum gross weight.

32 tonnes MGW is equivalent to a large bin lorry, which in turn has a capacity of 27m3, so simple maths has that at 8 lorries per day.

Michelmersh clearly expect small payloads as they estimate 16 vehicles per day.  The planning permission allows them up to 25.

The vehicles which carry asbestos will be enclosed and/or sheeted (Source Michelmersh Risk Assessment).  In a Waste Transfer Station, asbestos waste must be stored in a locked container, so if the regulations have relaxed at the point of transport across the public network, it begs the question of what is actually required at a landfill site.