Theft (and Damages), Parked Car, Ley Hill ** UPDATED **

If you see a fuschia pink ‘Coach’ handbag around the Ley Hill area please get in touch with us using

From the owner of the bag: “I stupidly left it in my car around 6pm to walk the dog (parked outside the pubs opp the Cricket club) and someone was obviously watching me and smashed the boot window and took it when I was out of sight.”

So we have several offences for which to seek redress.  Criminal damage, theft of property and the sheer affrontery to commit either in broad daylight in our village.  If you have any information then you can contact the victim via  We are waiting to find out if the crime has been reported to TVP, in which case you will be able to call 101 and give information through the formal channels.

** UPDATE **

The bag has been recovered from a bin in Botley Rec.  Did you see anyone acting suspiciously at some point after 6pm on Thursday 10th March, between the Ley Hill pubs and Botley Rec?  Thankfully only the cash was taken, so we’re looking for someone with limited intelligence, not a criminal mastermind.  Or maybe they just have a conscience and would like to go a step further and offer to replace the money too.  And the smashed window perhaps?