Update on Proposals for Local Traveller Sites

Ashley Green and District Community Association


September 5th – 2013

Since the news about the possibility of a Travellers close to Ashley Green site came into the open, many people have offered useful information and suggestions.

Thanks to everyone who has responded, and especially to our “Vigilant Villager” who first alerted us to the plans!

There was some intial confusion about where the proposed site might be, but this has now been confirmed as being on the Rushmere Lane section of the B4505 (Chesham Road).   The site itself is the old – currently overgrown – layby which is on the right past Jasons Hill as you go from Two Dells Lane towards Bovingdon, and as the road itself curves round to the left.  It has seen Traveller activity in the past, but not for some years now.

Several respondents have found a document on the Internet titled:

Delivery Development Plan Document
Gypsy Travellers and Travelling Showpeoples Site Options
Public Participation.

 You can read this at  http://www.chiltern.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=3135&p=0

All the downloads for information/FAQs and the forms to return to the council are available here (four links in the Downloads box on the right of the page):  http://www.chiltern.gov.uk/planning/deliverydevelopmentplandocument

This document describes what the council is trying to achieve, and details the possible sites in the Chiltern District. You will find the Rushmere Lane site on page 12.

Worryingly, there is another possible site identified in Lye Green Road which while outside our Parish borders is very close and you can see this on Page 15.

Not contained within the document are any plans proposed by adjacent counties, but it looks as though another site has been identified close to the Bobsleigh Hotel – also on the B4505 – which is also very close to us in Ashley Green!

In the document Councillor Graham Harris (the “author”) welcomes “the views of the travelling communities, local residents, businesses, landowners, local organisations and other interested stakeholders to help influence this key part of the DDPD before formal public consultation early in the New Year.”

The Public Participation consultation will run from 2nd September 2013 to 5pm on the 14th October 2013.

There is no single point of co-ordination on this issue within the village as yet, but the Parish Council and the Community Association represent the local residents and local organisations and will undoubtledly be discussing this shortly!

(An article appeared in the Bucks Examiner today.  Pity we didn’t hear from the Council directly!!)

If you have any more information, comments, etc, please send in to the Clerk to the Parish Council at

ashleygreen.clerk@yahoo.co.uk with a copy to me.

 David Harmer

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